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What SFMP will do for you

While most of the resources that we have to offer are only for the students in our program, we do want to give you an idea of what kinds of things you can expect to receive as part of the SFMP. Below you will find links to examples of the types of services we have to offer.

Tip Sheets - These are succinct informational documents that can help to demystify the whole college experience.
An example is here: Networking 301 and here:School Supplies

Resource Website - Our internal websitte is organized by logical sectors to make finding the resources at PSU easier. Each of them is then set up to explain WHAT exactly the resource offers, WHO to talk to, WHERE the resource is located, and most importantly, HOW to use it in a few simple steps
An example is here: Personal Needs

These are only a few of the ways that SFMP helps to make your first year here a little easier. Other things that we provide are:

  • Listserve messages that let students know when there are important deadlines or events on campus
  • A web based discussion forum for students to interact with each other as well as for asking questions anonymously with a promise that one of our mentors will provide a voice of experience in no more than 24 hours
  • Group sponsored social events. Because we do realize that a student's budget is somewhat limited, we are conscious of financial limitations. Our events are either free or as close as we possibly can. Events of last year ranged from footbal games, bowling night, and one trip to Portland's Roller Derby.
  • One time each quarter we bring small groups (8 or so) of students together to hear what kinds of challenges our students are facing. These discussions are valuable for both the students as well as us. For the students, they can hear from other students that the struggles they are having are not all that unique; each new student to the university struggles in their own way. For us, these groups help inform the services that we can deliver. If we hear of an issue that we have not addressed, we will work to incorporate a solution to the delivery of services SFMP provides.
  • Videos that address some of the most important issues that students will face. We had successful first-generation students tell their own stories in a simple format. First they identify the problem, and then they discuss some possible solutions. These 7-8 minute videos again remind students that they are not the first to face these things and that they can succeed.

As a part of the committment to disseminate information and results of this federal grant, a seperate website has been created to share even more. If you are interested please visit


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